INFOMASTER CONSULTANCY SDN. BHD. was incorporated on 10/05/1990 is a management consultancy firm offering One-Stop Professional  services comprising clients of various ranges from small proprietorship to huge limited company.
The firm’s main objective are primarily: -

  • To provide solutions to the problems of our clients, irrespective of the level of complexity. We believe our clients expect professionalism from us, and we take great pains to deliver this.

  • Hand in hand with professional training and knowledge, we bring to our clients the accumulated experience of our organization. We have been in our business for decades, and have numerous precedents to draw upon to help in our work. Additionally, our client profile which includes business entities of every sort, operating in every nook and corner of commerce and industry has given us invaluable exposure to different circumstances and situations.

  • With this experience, we add value for our clients by contributing to the formulation of solutions in an efficient and speedy manner.

  • To provide a complete portfolio corporate and administrative services. This is to achieve through our strategic working alliance with various established accounting firms. Our clients are in effect provided a one stop service, thus promoting organisational efficiency through an integrated and co-ordinated approach to task management and problem solving.


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